The Canclini family pays maximum attention and passion in the implementation of cultural and educational projects.


The textile activity has always represented for people of all times a vehicle of their culture expression. In the ancient acts of weaving wefts and warps are hidden culture, ethos, fantasy, enthusiasm, optimism: many different ways to talk about man. Canclini took this to promote and support cultural initiatives in this industry because making a fabric is like entering a culture, a world of relationships, poetry and human creativity. Collecting ancient and modern artifacts is a concrete way for Canclini to keep this memory alive. Small and precious textile pieces from faraway cultures: iconographies, ancient artifacts consumed by time and evidence of an ancestral and poetic knowledge.


In 2019 Canclini has signed a partnership with Villa Carlotta. The project will be developed over three years and aims to present to the odience a selection of pieces from the Canclini Collection, pieces that highlight in a simple and evocative way the extraordinary versatility of fabric, part of everyone’s life.

In 2016, the exhibition “ESSERE E’ TESSERE. 100 fili d’artista dalla Collezione Canclini” presented pieces of modern and contemporary art, carefully selected from the wide and refined Canclini Collections, with international importance players- from Arman to Alighiero Boetti, from Chiristian Boltansky and Daniel Buren to Christo and Jean Claude, from Mario Della Vedova and Dorazio to Jannis Kounellis and Kimsooja, up to Maria Lai and Andy Warhol – in an evocative journey along the textile art evolution from the ancient times to our days.

In the Canclini Collection there are also many commissioned pieces, often created using materials supplied by the Canclini company or inspired by the weaving art, such as the work by Jannis Kounellis chosen then as the exhibition’s main picture.

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The passion for fabrics is also applied from Canclini in several projects connected to fashion and design schools. In fact, Canclini has been collaborating for many years with IED and Marangoni institutes in Milan and with some English schools, such as Central Saint Martin’s: this collaboration allows students to express themselves and get the contact with a dynamic and pro-active company getting back the experience of new sources inspiration and feeding up new talented people.

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